HYDRO Water is more than a Luxury Brand Water, it is a Positive Movement, Excitement and a Life Style.  Health is Wealth! Hydro is all about fun, culture, sports, fashion, free expression, music, healthy eating and quality living!  Hydro also represents several causes and a very powerful movement with member’s (TEAM HYDRO) worldwide.  Our famous hashtag  #luxuryinabottle stems from more than our brand and movement but also what we as a company represent. For instance, lets break down the eclectic HYDRO colors and their meanings. Did you know that HYDRO shows its support for its causes in the actual font and logo?

H– (Light Blue) Prostate Cancer

Y– (Pink) Breast Cancer

D– (Yellow) Sarcoma/Bone/Bladder Cancer

R– (Lime Green) Lymphoma

O– (Lavender) Lupus/All Cancers

HYDRO Water Collection donates a portion of its proceeds to these causes.