Purified PH 7+ purification process
a) Silica Sand Filter:

The water initially passes through a multimedia filter, with an internal bed of sand and gravel, to remove the smaller solid impurities present.

b) Activated Carbon Filter:

After being filtered with sand, the water passes through an activated carbon filter, through which it is possible to eliminate the remaining odors and flavors.

C) Precision filter:

In order to avoid damage of the further equipment and guarantee a better filtration, the water is filtered by a precision filter, which only allows the passage of particles of less than 5 microns.


Reverse Osmosis Filtration: The water that comes from the filters is pumped by a high-pressure pump, which passes the water through a series of membranes that eliminate the passage of molecules, ions or particles larger than water, in consequence, the product obtained after this process is mainly the water particle itself.


To ensure the purity of the stored water, it is sterilized by an Ozonation process and an Ultraviolet lamp sterilizer, which guarantees compliance with the best hygiene standards. This process is continuously monitored. The water received in the storage tanks (stainless steel 304 food grade) is monitored daily.

Every process and handling is made in compliance with FDA and Florida Department of Agriculture and Health and Safety standards, EPA approved.